You know those moments when nothing else matters? Those tiny slices of the day that make living worth while?

~~Those are my little joys~~


::Me and my son::


::My 3 precious children::

Grace, Raven and Christopher


::My man and his boy::

Hi my name is Drea, I am a homemaker and mama to 3 children. I love to create; my sanity depends on it.  Though I have varied interests, my favorite hobbies are:

~knitting: creating yummy woolens

~watercolor painting: I love their transparency

~drawing: doodling decorative motifs

~photography: capturing my children as they grow and change

~gardening: birthing and connecting with our food.

We are a unschooling family living in Northern B.C Canada. This blog is a place for me to record the little joys of my day.

I am also the creator of a coloring journal for pregnant women called Blissful Belly. It is designed for mothers-to-be as a way to relax and connect with their babies. Women will find it comforting and helpful in facilitating a peaceful state of mind. This will help them experience a blissful pregnancy and bring these feeling of bliss with them for birth.

Being a mother is a full time job and family comes first, because of this my posts can be sporadic, I do post at least a handful of times a month so if you want to keep in touch subscribe to my blog and receive notifications via email.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.


4 responses to “*About*

  1. Andrea….Drea,
    You are so gifted with your artwork and photography! You’ve put together an awesome website here.

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