People I Admire


I wanted to take a moment to appreciate a few people in my immediate life that I admire.

My Sister:

She is strong and determined. She is generous and giving. She is courageous, she knows that if you want something to change, you have to do something about it. She doesn’t make excuses, she goes for what she wants. She makes things happen, if she wants something she finds a way to make it a reality. She can find you a deal anywhere and is great  at bargaining. She has a strong sense of herself and does not tolerate being treated unkindly. She will stand up for herself. She is hilarious and always makes me laugh. She doesn’t let things she can’t change get her down.

My Husband:

He always tries to be joyful. He takes things with a grain of salt and doesn’t get easily annoyed. He is never afraid to admit when he is wrong. He is an excellent listener. He is open and non-judgmental. He is creative and not afraid to try new things. He loves to talk and to share. He is friendly and not shy at all. He can converse with anyone. He is a hard worker with a strong work ethic. He also has a strong moral ethic is=n general, he would never fool or hurt anyone. He gives everything his all and he is a great father. He always makes time for our kids.

My Sister-in-Law:

She is a strong woman with strong personal convictions. She knows who she is. She is honest and open. She is true to herself. She has overcome fears and hardships. She is meticulous in all she does, she puts her heart and soul into everything she touches. She believes in herself and her abilities. She is not swayed by others, she has strong roots and holds her ground. She is gentle and mindful. She educates herself and walks her talk.


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