Ode to Brothers

For the last 6 years I have cared for my 2 younger brothers. They were 12 and 14 when they moved in with me, the decision was a tough one, as we lived in a small house at the time. We wanted to make it work and took the leap of asking them to move in with us. We rearranged and made space for these 2 growing boys. We lived in this small house for 2 years until we were able to buy a bigger home. It was a 4 bedroom with plenty of room for all of us, but now this home is too big. My brothers have left the nest.

My brother eldest brother moved out 2 years ago and I cried. Now my youngest brother is moving out and I really cried. I cried because I will miss him, but I also cried because this phase of my life is over. I have learned so much from these little guys and they really did enrich my life these last 6 years. They were very helpful to have around the house, lending a helping hand with the chores and lightening the load for Paul and I.

I loved hanging out with them, it was a nice break from spending all my time with toddlers. We played board games together, something I will now have to wait for my children to grow old enough for. They kept me feeling young, I got to be a part of their teenage world by going to their Arts Fest and  seeing plays they were in. I got to experience immense pride often. When N Dog played his drums on stage at Arts Fest or at our local Canada day festivities, or when D Dog got his first goal in hockey. These moments made my heart swell so much I thought it would burst.

When I think about them moving on it is a bittersweet feeling, I am happy that they are moving on with their adult lives but I am also sad that they aren’t here everyday with us. I hope that they will make good lives for themselves but it scares me that I am not there to guide them. I guess things just change huh? I am learning this, learning to let go of the past and embrace the present. I know that my brothers will forever be a part of my life, they will look to me for advice and guidance and I will be there for them to give it. I am a mother figure to them and that makes me happy. I feel so blessed to have been able to give them a different life from the one they would have had.

I want to thank them for helping out, for babysitting so that Paul and I could have time out together, for letting me experience youth through them, for giving me something to feel proud of myself for and for preparing me for the time when my own children reach their teens. I realize what amazing young boys they are. They are smart, kind, funny and humble.


Big Baby Brother


Little Baby Brother


-Thank you boys-

::Thank you for filling my heart with more love then I thought I would ever have::


10 responses to “Ode to Brothers

  1. I’m so glad you were there for them! I can hear in your words some of the sadness too, but wait for those phone calls etc. They won’t forget about you. Three photos are great!

  2. This is such a touching post…that’s really nice that you got to spend all of these moments with them. There are 6 years between my brother and I, and it wasn’t until he was older (and I was out of college) that we really started to appreciate our brother/sister bond. We are quite close as siblings, and I enjoy his company.

  3. You are a great sister. I’m sure your brothers appreciate everything you did for them and you are closer to them because of it.

  4. My uncle became the father figure to my mom and other uncle when my grandfather passed away. They were 12, 6 and four months old at the time. I know that my mom and younger uncle are forever grateful to their brother for all that he did for them. Good for you for taking in your siblings!

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