The little joys that fill my life with wonder and amazement. Each of my children has given me a gift, Raven gifted me with motherhood, a transformation of what drives my heart. Grace gave me the gift of trust, and of patience. Christopher, my little sun, gave me the gift of confidence in myself and a contentment for the rhythm of life.

Right now these are the moments I am cherishing with my children.


Christopher: How he is forming sentences and how he always wants to be a part of our conversations, How he tries so diligently to find the words to express himself.  How he is so polite, without ever having been prompted. He says “please” and “thank you” all the time.  How he loves his own name and says it frequently. How he loves to pretend to be a hockey player or a snowmobile driver or a snowboarder or a newborn baby. “I da goalie”, or “I baby Rowan” – he says.


Grace: How she plays so well with her little brother. How she is always there to offer a hug to anyone who needs it. How she loves to help cook dinner or make us all a surprise dessert. How she strives for fairness and justice. I love her jolly nature, how her laughter fills the room, she finds joy in everything she does. How she loves to perform and put on shows for us. How she wants to teach others and offer classes to kids to help them learn things. Her little entrepreneur spirit is so endearing.


Raven: How she is growing into an intelligent, caring, generous young lady. How she loves to read, learn and grow. She is thirsty for experience and knowledge. Her imagination is boundless. How she wants the best for all of us. She helps out around the house and loves taking care of her little siblings. She takes pride in her accomplishments and she loves to excel. I love how she reminds me to stay present and reminds me to focus on needs by handing me our Non-Violent Communication needs wheel when I am getting frustrated, she is always helping to keep the peace.


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