A Source of Strength (art in process)

Another painting has been birthed 🙂 Here I share with you the process that this painting has underwent. You can see other art in process posts here and here.

This painting is meant to represent a woman in labor with her doula, midwife or partner there comforting her. Animal helpers are there as well, aiding in the process of birth, lending their medicine. Bears symbolizes strength and courage, she brings grounding and centering energy. The owl represents intuition and seeing beyond, it signifies a great change and transformation (which birth totally is!)

IMGP0100First I painted in the sky with cobalt blue and cobalt violet. Next I painted some light washes over the geometric pattern on her shirt and on the foreground. I use yellow ochre and burnt sienna with a little alizarin crimson.

IMGP0103I add a light wash of payne’s grey to their hair.

IMGP0104Next the bear in the foreground gets some color and the ladies skin gets a wash of purple.

IMGP0132I add green to the skin in the shadow areas.

IMGP0134You can see the green areas of their skin.

IMGP0136I add a wash of a light brown to the lady on the left.

IMGP0137I add a wash of a darker, redder brown to the lady on the right.

IMGP0138I add a wash of dark brown to both of them.

IMGP0163Now I start on the bear in the background. I use a light wash of red with a touch of alizarin crimson.

IMGP0164I use pencil crayons to add details to the geometric pattern. I use browns, reds and purples.

IMGP0213I have added detail with payne’s grey to the hair on the right. I added some payne’s grey to the bear in the background and some washes of light green-yellow to the rest of the background.

IMGP0215Adding layers of green over the green-yellow. Adding yellow to the bear and adding some layers of green and yellow to the trees.

IMGP0375The hair on the left is painted brown and the tattoos are colored. I have painted the owl and have added white dots to the hair and background. It’s almost finished!

support copyrightedThe finished painting 🙂 I am loving playing around with colors and practicing painting skin. It’s been a lot of fun.

Like this image? You can get the line art in my coloring book 🙂


13 responses to “A Source of Strength (art in process)

  1. Oh cool…I love seeing the art process come to life…and the final piece is beautiful. the detail is just gorgeous…and I think ,my favorite parts is the hair, and the night/tree/bear scene on the lower right-hand corner.

  2. You’re incredibly talented and I love your art! My daughters are also artists… what a joy it is to do what you love and love what you do.
    Be Positive and You’ll Be Powerful! ~ Elayna

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