A Celebration of Life



Life is beautiful isn’t it? Especially when you are surrounded by smiling children. I say, my heart feels so full these days. Full of love and happiness, pride and joy. I try to savor every moment of it, because we all know, it goes by so fast.

We celebrated my first born nieces 9th birthday (oh my goodness 9!) Time sure does pass quickly. I remember when this girl was born, it feels like it was just yesterday. Now she is 9, she is getting older and wiser and turning into a lovely young lady.

We celebrated with cake and pizza. My sister-in-law made a yummy berry upside down cake. She wanted it to represent a placenta – the original supporter of life. We took turns telling the birthday girl what we wished for her for this next year. I wished for her to have lots of time to draw and create (at her request I gifted her a copy of my coloring book).


The cousins played and played and played (they never tire of playing do they?) They also put on a play for us adults.



The new baby received lots of love and kisses (with 6 older siblings and cousins, he has a lot of people around to do that).



It was a wonderful time with some of my favorite people.

Happy Happy Birth~Day Lili!


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