You Did It (art in process)

IMGP9681Another painting started and completed. I am loving painting these images from my coloring book. I am loving using 8 x 10 inch paper, I can scan my finished painting myself! I will be offering prints of my finished paintings on Society 6. At this point I need to tweak my scans so that they print out really nice, I want to make sure that I am offering people a high quality product before I start selling.

IMGP9683I choose muted colors for this painting, I did a lot of color mixing, only using a couple colors straight from the tube. I used yellow ochre in all my color mixes, to give the painting a warm feel.

IMGP9841I am attempting to perfect my skin color skills, I wanted to try layering colors to see what results they would bring. I read online about creating skin tones and wanted to try the techniques I saw. I started with a light base of purple.

IMGP9838I then added a light layer of green into the shadows.

IMGP9871 Next came a layer of peach followed by some pink to her cheeks and lips. I deepened some of the shadows with more purple and some brown.

IMGP9872Now for the hair. A base of yellow, followed by browns.



IMGP9891The baby’s skin is done the same way and I start adding some details to the background with pen.

IMGP9897Baby’s skin is done and I have filled the painted spaces with lettering and doodles.

IMGP9902I add a light wash of color behind the mendhi flower and draw in small flowers with pen.

IMGP9905I decide to color in the flowers with pencil crayons, to get a deeper color and sharper lines.

IMGP9907Now that the flowers have been colored in, I add some black and indigo to the lines between the flower sections.

IMGP9908I darken up the lettering and add pencil crayon in places I want more color and a sharper line. I also paint a wash on the mehndi flower.

IMGP0088The final step is to add some pencil crayon detail to the mehndi flower and it is finished! (My photo is a bit discolored from taking this picture late at night, I will upload a better one soon.)

Hope you enjoy seeing the process! Comment and let me know what you think.


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