Winter Picnic


It was a lovely day, there was a foggy mist out and everything was covered in a frozen film. The sun wasn’t shining bright but it was warm. My husband and I wanted to go for a walk. We have some great snowmobile trails up behind our house that we enjoy walking and we figured it would be easy enough to pull our wagon/sled on them.

The only problem was motivating the children. Sometimes it is difficult to get them excited for a walk, they hum and haw and say they don’t feel like it. I believe getting outside and walking is important, we all need to get fresh air and exercise, especially in the winter when we tend to stay cooped up in the house.

Winter picnic to the rescue! As soon as I mentioned picnic they perked right up šŸ™‚ They were excited and ready to help pack up.

I made some hot chai tea, put it in a jug and wrapped it in a towel ( I lack a thermos). Grace and Papa made almond butter and jam sandwiches and we packed a bag of chips. We brought along a blanket to sit on and some water to drink on the way. Oh and of course I brought my camera.

The first part of the walk was tough, as there is no snowmobile trail right from our house, we had to carry the wagon for a bit until we reached the trails. After that hike to the trails we decided to sit and have our picnic (Mama was tired). We threw down a blanket and had a seat.




After munching we continued our walk. Grace enjoyed licking frozen water off the trees, and Christopher enjoyed the scenery from his comfy spot in the wagon. I took photos. There was ice on everything, it was captivating. I couldn’t stop, every time I put my camera away I would see something that I just had to capture. I am so in love with macro shots. I need to get my hands on some better lenses. The lens that came with my camera just isn’t cutting it anymore. I feel a bit overwhelmed because I know very little about lenses. Research will be needed, as will money to purchase said lenses. For now, I will push this lens to its limits and have fun with it!









There is something so calming about being in the forest. I love being out in the woods with the trees and the birds, I love to walk and breathe and use my body. I am so very thankful that I have these wild spaces just out my back door.




We did a loop and walked for an hour. The girls got a little tired but they pressed on, if they needed to rest we would stop and let them have a break.

We made it home feeling refreshed and recharged. Being out in nature is invigorating to my souls. The plants seem to nourish me with their presence, the tranquility of the forest soothes me. It slows me down and lets me relax. I love to get out for a walk when I get overwhelmed with messes in the house or the kids are bickering. I can let everything that is weighing on my attention slip away for awhile. I can have some space to breathe.

What a beautiful therapy.


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