At First Sight (art in process)

I thought I would try to capture a painting in all its stages. I always like looking at other artists who share their works in progress so I thought I would do the same. Normally I only manage to get a couple shots of a painting in the works but this time I kept my camera close and made sure I snapped it lots!

IMGP9590Here is the drawing transfered on to watercolor paper and inked in with a Pigma Micron Pen.

IMGP9596Next, I added in some blue and green to the background and put some large salt on it.

IMGP9597The water gets a coat of blue

IMGP9653I colored her in with pencil crayons, I wanted to try them out instead of watercolors.

IMGP9655A close-up of her skin. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the graininess of the paper that shows with the pencil crayons, but I like the depth of color it creates.

IMGP9660Her hair gets a coat of brown watercolor. I have also added in more detail to the water.

IMGP9662The baby has been colored. Her hair has been filled in with pencil crayons.

IMGP9664Starting on the rest of the background.

IMGP9667Finishing the dark parts and adding salt.

IMGP9669Adding stars and coloring in the moons.

IMGP9671Its Finished!

IMGP9674aNow it just needs a title…..suggestions anyone?

(update: I have named it, At First Sight. Thanks to a suggestion on my facebook page.)


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