New Hats and a Donkey

Christmas gift giving…it’s always so tough isn’t it? We have so many options, it is daunting and overwhelming to say the least. There are so many beautiful things, useful things, and fun things to buy. How do you choose? I try to give myself a limit. I want my children to grow up with experience rather then things. I want to connect with them as people and spend time with them. I decided this year to stick with 4 presents each. One homemade, one toy, one craft and one book. This helped narrow down those infinite choices to something I could manage and feel good about.

I knit the girls each a hat and Christopher got a knitted donkey, my first ever knitted toy.

I was looking for a pattern months ago when Grace came over to me and said “oh Mommy, I like that hat, it looks like an elf hat” I knew then that this pattern was it.  It was a good pattern but the first hat I made came out huge! ( I am too lazy to make gauge swatches… bad). So I made another hat on smaller needles, and it worked! I made Raven the same hat but I used one size larger needles and I left off the ear flaps. I wanted these hats to be soft for these delicate girls’ skin so I knit them in a lovely Lily Chin merino wool with some funky randoms thrown in for fun.

The girls loved their new hats and were more then happy to let me snap a few pictures.



The Donkey went really well. I used a pattern from a book by Sarah Keen. It has excellent patterns! They are easy to follow and are all done on straight needles, a treasure for any beginner. The only issue I had was the mane. I could not for the life of me figure out how to do a knitted loop stitch! I ended up just learning how to do a crotchet loop stitch which was MUCH easier.


I would definitely recommend this book to others and I plan on making more toys for my son in the future (a sheepdog maybe? or a kitty?) Oh that will be fun.


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