IMGP8471My coloring book has had a trial print! A a few of the images have lines on the sides that need to be erased but otherwise everything looks good.

I am getting closer to releasing this for sale and it is making me super excited, oh how I hope people will enjoy it.

It is my hope that pregnant women will get a lot of relaxation and contemplation time coloring my images. I would love for this book  to help women create a space for healing and emotional nourishment. Mothers need this silent space to help them tap into the primal part of themselves that takes over during birth, and to work through their fears and blocks that may hinder a smooth labor.

By coloring these images, women are bringing forth that brain state that they will need during birth, that creative, silent space. The images will help them to envision a birth that is joyous and peaceful. During birth they can recall the relaxed feelings they had coloring the images as well as the quite alertness that coloring facilitates. They can remember the words contained in the images as well as the woman and babies. It can remind them of the desire they have for a peaceful birth experience.

I wanted to share some close-ups of some of the images so you can get a feel for the style of this book.

9185sneak peek2

Thanks everyone for your interest in this project, you help me trudge forward! I will keep you posted on the process.


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