Tis the Season


Wishing you all a Happy Holidays! May your days be filled with family and connection with those you love.

Too often we focus on the gifts, on the stuff. This year let us focus on the experience, let us savor the feeling.

Let us be present.


In lieu of giving things, give your time. It will be so much more appreciated and remembered then anything you could buy. The things you do give can have much more meaning if they are homemade or bought from a local artisan, and remember keep it simple.

IMGP8117You are not being tested on your worthiness as a human being by how many gifts you buy or how much money you spend. No amount of stuff can replace you.

Give the gift of a stress-free you. Give your presence, and you will receive so much more satisfaction, as will those in your presence.


Stuff is meaningless without experience. I believe this is why, when the gifts have all been opened, we still feel empty inside.

Experience fills us up, it creates memories.


Things can be nice, and they can be very appreciated. If you know the person well enough, you can often find a meaningful gift, and those are wonderful. Buying something just for the sake of buying something is often a waste of your time and money, and no one likes getting a gift they don’t like…..it leaves a guilty feeling when you receive something that just isn’t a fit for you.


There really is no obligation to impress with things. The media would love for you to believe that stuff is the answer, but we all know deep down that it isn’t.

Take your family out for a fun day, read to your kids, volunteer your time, these experiences have no expiration date, they need no warranty; they last forever.


Have a wonderful holiday!


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