A Reminder


At times life can seem blurry and out of focus.

 You are not sure where you are going or what you are doing.

You have no clear path.


It may feel like everything is frozen.

You feel stuck.


We can remember to hold on to our light. Our joy. Our laughter.

We can remember that the fog will clear.

Our path is always there, though it may be hidden temporarily from view.


Keep reaching for the sky.

Even when your path is foggy, use your goals as a compass, keep them in your view. Hold them close to your heart.

They will guide you.


You are weaving the web of your life.

Every strand counts.

What can you do today to step towards your dream?

Take that small step, each one takes you that much closer.


Your efforts will bear fruit.

 A plant must spend energy to create its seed and the package that nourishes it.

You too must work to achieve a goal.

Every day is a chance to move and grow.


There are times when we need a break. We need to relax.

Your seeds will sleep.

They will wait, laying dormant for the right conditions in which they can blossom.


Spring will come again.

Winter is not forever.

Inaction is not forever. The gusto to go for what you desire will return.

Be gentle with yourself.

Even if the steps you take are tiny, they add up to a leap.

Take a day off if you need to, but never give up.


Before you know it, your dreams will have taken flight.

The sweet nectar of life is there for you.

Reach for it.




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