Impromptu Belly Shoot

I love pregnant bellies. There is something so magical about life growing within. It is such a beautiful time in a womans life, her growing roundness is proof of the miracle occurring inside her. I would love to one day photograph woman and babies and birth, oh that would be delightful.

My dear friend, who is truly radiant when she is with child, let me take some photos of her darling belly. No planning was done…just point and shoot, but we got some nice images I do believe.

Here I share the best ones with you, and her 🙂  (hi -:-Bri-:- :D)

IMGP6937d IMGP6940 IMGP6950 IMGP6953 IMGP6995a IMGP7001 IMGP7004 IMGP7021 IMGP7045b IMGP7062b


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