Yarn Mandala (complex Ojo de Dios)


A friend of mine reintroduced me to Ojo de Dios, or as she calls them, Goddess Eyes. I was intrigued when I found some really complex ones on the Internet so I decided to try to make one myself. I found a tutorial on Etsy and got right to it.


I bought  2 dowels from the hardware store and got my husband to cut them in half so that I had 4 24″ pieces. I then cut notches into the wood so that they would lay together well without too much bulk.

IMGP6277I then cut notches one inch apart from top to bottom on the dowels (this helps guide your pattern as well as keeps the yarn from slipping). I then glued 2 dowels together. I now have 2 separate X’s that I will eventually join together to create an 8 sided Ojo.

IMGP6282After the glue has dried, I start wrapping my yarn. The tutorial on Etsy has images of this part, I was a bit tardy on taking photos of every stage.

IMGP6283I have 2 separate Ojo’s at the moment but once their centers are larger I will hold one X over top of the other X and will wrap yarn around it all to join them together (again no pictures of this step).

IMGP6345It is coming along. I wrapped and unwrapped my yarn a few times before I figured out what I was doing. It takes some skill to join the 2 X’s together, but once that part is done, the rest is easy.

IMGP6347Adding more layers of yarn. I love how you can create all sorts of different shapes. Interlocking triangles and stars, or squares.

IMGP6351Almost finished! I just need to add some detailing to the border.

IMGP6353I will do this design all around the border and then it will be finished!

IMGP6352Try it yourself! A complex Ojo De Dios…..until next time, Te-rah! (original Art Attack guys voice).


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