My little girl turned 7 this September.

She is sweet, sensitive, jolly, goofy, determined, stubborn, independent, helpful, caring, kind, generous, and empathetic.

She is my little warrior, she will fight for what is right and just.

She is my little defender, she will make sure all are cared for.

She is my little giver, as gracious and generous as I can only hope to be.


7 years ago I gave birth to this sweet little soul in my sister-in-laws basement. It wasn’t my own home but it was a home birth in all other ways. With candle light and gentle music filling the room, I birthed our daughter on an air mattress in the living room. She was born at 12:05 am, we met, we nursed, we bonded – then we slept. I still remember holding her little body in my arms and cuddling with her through the night, amazed at the miracle of birth, the miracle of life.

Thank you my darling daughter, for joining me in that humbling experience, I will never forget it.


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