The Fall Fair


One of our favorite events of the year. The whole family looks forward to it, especially my girls. Our fall fair is a unique one, it is small and there isn’t a big carnival tagging along with it. I like that, because the rides at those carnivals are so expensive. Instead we get to have a few blow up bouncy houses, maybe some mini golf, or a maze of ribbon.  They have lots going on for kids – free games, a pet show, performers and a build-it tent with lumber, hammers and nails. The main stage is always grooving with some fiddlers or a local band. After dinner on Saturday we join in on the family square dancing. Oh what fun!

The last couple years we have entered exhibits, this has made the fall fair even more interactive and fun. A little bit of healthy competition, and the pride of seeing your work on display. It’s nice to participate in making our little fall fair something for others to enjoy. The girls get very excited choosing what they are going to enter, I have to limit them to 5 exhibits – to keep things manageable.

Unfortunately we have no animals to enter. The livestock and horse part of the fair is where we take a spectator rather then participator stance.  We love to look at all the horses and cows and chickens and bunnies. The petting zoo is always a hit.

It was lovely weather this year, it was like a hot summer day, but the sun was low enough to really get in your eyes (wearing a hat helps). Aunties and cousins came, friends were seen – it was a good day. I can’t wait until next year!















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