Robson Valley Music Festival


A weekend spent with the cousins! We traveled to Dunster B.C for a weekend at the Robson Valley Music Festival. We got to stay up late, sleep in tents, eat out of coolers,  listen to live music, dance, create some art, and hula hoop. It was quite the good time!

The weather was rainy which made it difficult to keep everything dry. Being an inexperienced camper, I was not totally prepared for the weather. Our tarp had holes in it….oops…luckily our neighbors had a good tarp that they were more then willing to share. We covered our tents and had an area to cook and hang out. I prepared food huddled over my two coolers for three days…ouch….next time bring a table, this I learned as well as to not underestimate the value of outdoor shelter when you are camping, having somewhere dry to store all your stuff is imperative as is having extra clothes for wet weather.

The babies (mine and my sister in laws) did well considering that we stayed up late and slept in tents. Our family slept in the party campsite because it was closer to the festival grounds. There was noise throughout the night with people partying and drumming, it was hard to get a good nights sleep, but we managed alright and it was nice to be so close to the music. The cousins stayed in the quiet campsite, which was about a 10 minute walk from the grounds. There was an ATV shuttling people to the grounds and lots of people brought their bikes for the trips back and forth.

What a great festival for kids, there was plenty for them to do, with crafts in the morning and performers in the afternoon. They had a couple performers traveling the grounds and entertaining the kids as well. On Saturday a man dressed as a police officer on stilts was handing out “tickets”. On Sunday A lady with a dress full of pockets delighted the children with stories  about the treasures they found in her pockets.  The whole place had a quiet, cozy, community feel (its all those hippies). The grounds were small so keeping track of the little ones was super easy (until it got dark).

IMGP5171All the kids!

IMGP5151The festival grounds


2 stages. One band gets ready while the other plays. No break in the tunes!

IMGP5184Setting up camp



IMGP5200Matching sweaters

IMGP5156My nephew 🙂


IMGP5259Craft time

IMGP5277Awesome handmade leather masks for sale




IMGP5289one day of sunshine


Its getting dark



Some of my favorite bands that I saw were: A Tribe Called Red, Mihirangi, Ash Grunwald, Rachelle Van Zanten, and Shane Philip. I missed MamaGuroove, but I am sure they were awesome. All in all it was a fun weekend away from home. We haven’t been to a Music Festival in years, and now that the kids are older (minus the baby) they really enjoy it as well.


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