PG Trip

I haven’t been writing much…. I have been keeping busy with other projects and blogging seems to sit on the back burner. My days are so full of things to do, creations to be made and books to be read…..I don’t have enough time in the day to do all I want to do…. Could someone please add just a few more hours to the day???  – No- o.k I will just stay up late.

How wonderful it is to have such a full life, to have so many hobbies, and to have time to pursue them. I am so very thankful that I get to be a stay-at-home Mom. I couldn’t ask for a better job 🙂 I am so very thankful to my hard workin’ hubby….he makes this all possible.

That said, I have finally found the time and more importantly – the inspiration –  to write a post.

We made a trip to Prince George last month to visit Paul’s sister and her horse.  The girls were promised a riding lesson and we wanted to check out Exploration Place as well as the water park in Fort George Park.  It was a fun trip despite Raven feeling a little under the weather (she had a fever on and off all day).

IMGP4653Visiting “Mister”

IMGP4708You could tell she felt proud to be up on a horse.

IMGP4774The instructor even let Grace lead the horse by herself.

IMGP4880Next up was the water park.

IMGP4819Mommy and Christopher checking it out.

IMGP4871He liked running in and out of the water.

IMGP4881Warming up at a picnic table.


IMGP4964We then went to Exploration Place





IMGP4914Bears! ROarrrr!!

IMGP4908Nice teeth

IMGP5023We played at the funny mirrors

IMGP4997Hee HeeIMGP5005


IMGP4534Back at Aunty’s house. These two play so well together.

IMGP4539“Look at the beautiful rocks mommy”

IMGP4545“we are taking some home”

IMGP4565Aunty has a kitty.

Well that is all I’ve got for now….My baby has woken up…it is getting late……good night.


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