This time of year is so busy! I have barely had time to write, our days are filled to the brim.

And its almost over.

You just get used to the heat and you realize that soon it will be the darkness of winter, we will all be cuddled inside reading, knitting, writing, crafting and hopefully, blogging 😉

These next two months will be savored, I tell you. Warm sunny days will be soaked up, walks will be had, friends will be visited and a music festival will be attended. YAY!

I am getting every ounce of summer I can get before the snow comes. 

::Let me show you what we have been up to this summer::

IMGP3808Thimble Berry

IMGP2631Aboriginal day

IMGP2122redoneMom and Daughter


Mom and *::Sun::*

IMGP1547redoneBiking is a favorite pastime

IMGP2821Fun in the rain


IMGP2771Messy boy 🙂 Smoothies are a regular on the menu

IMGP29292nd year of soccer

IMGP29213rd year of soccer

IMGP4307Dragon carrots

IMGP2258Making paint blob guys

IMGP2278Creating art on aluminum foil

IMGP2593-:-Handsome Man-:-

IMGP4312Cilantro is leaning a little 😀

IMGP4056Baby found the pool

IMGP4339Super moon

IMGP4331Me holding the super moon

IMGP3133Visiting friends


IMGP4426Yummy strawberry~mango smoothie with whop cream and rose petals

IMGP4404Trading Post loot

IMGP4393Thrift store find

IMGP4382Another thrift store treasure

IMGP4483At the park

IMGP4457She loves monkey bars

That is all for now.

Thanks for stopping in 🙂


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