Tree House


The tree house needs some color, some flair.  We are going to move the play kitchen Papa made a couple years ago into the tree house and add some pizazz, in an effort to make it a more appealing space, a space that the girls will want to use.


First we needed to clean the play kitchen because it was DIRTY. It was covered in dirt, grass, leaves and rock dust (much needed ingredients in any well stocked play kitchen).

I love how motivated the girls get when fun is involved (who doesn’t?). When you are doing something because you want to and not because it is demanded of you, you tend to enjoy the experience a whole lot more. (duh).

They got out a bowl of soap and water, wet their sponge and cloth and got right to work.


They scrubbed it clean (with a little help from mom on those tough spots).


With everything spic and span we lugged the kitchen up the hill and into the tree house.  I hung a colorful blanket up to block some of the sun and to add some funk.


Papa built a second floor (I was hoping he would never get around to that). Grace had to climb up and check out the view, as Mama cringes and tells her to be careful! (I am a tad overprotective…..)


Now if I can just get rid of the massive ant colony at the base of a nearby tree, I think the girls will get good use of this abode in the trees. For now, despite my efforts to pretty it up, there are just too many ants making use of the tree house for my girls to want to spend much time in it.

Anyone know how to get rid of a giant ant hill???




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