Dandelion Syrup








It was a lovely summer day, the perfect time to pick dandelion blossoms and create something wonderful for us to eat. Grace and I went outside and picked until our bucket was full of plump bright dandelion “suns”. Bringing them inside, we plucked the petals from their bitter base,  and put them in some sugar/honey water to cook down into a syrup. After some time boiling, we strained the petals out and let the syrup cook a bit longer, to thicken up. Grace did most of the work herself, being a whiz in the kitchen (just like her mama 😉 ).

With the syrup ready we needed something to have it with. We couldn’t just have something plain, no no, we needed something decadent, something to accompany the subtle flavor of sunshine. After peering through the cupboards and looking online for a recipe we decided on pumpkin pancakes with fruit and whip cream. Yum Yum!

It was a big hit with the kids of course, what kid doesn’t love pancakes for dinner?



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