Is here!

Now is a busy time of year. We move outside and the home that we lived in all winter is left by the wayside. Indoor cleanliness is put on the back burner as other activities take focus. Gardening, playing in the grass, going out to friends, soccer, these now fill our days.


I am so excited to get my garden going. Now if only I could keep my chickens out of it. I love having free-range chickens, but they are too close to my garden. The last couple years have been a battle trying to keep them from tearing up sprouts and eating all the lettuce. This year, I have apprehensively decided to give away my chickens. It is a bittersweet decision, for I love the eggs they give me, but I want to have a flourishing garden (one day I want to do chickens, Salatin style, with a movable coop and movable fencing). IMGP0979

My plans this year are to create an apple tree guild, grow food in my greenhouse for the first time, and sadly, get rid of my chickens (know anyone who wants 5 hens and a rooster?) We are getting close to our last frost, so everything is going out and finding a more permanent home. I have put in peas and planted some starter broccoli and brussel sprout plants (which have all been eaten by the chickens). Potatoes are in, and there are kale, lettace, swiss chard, carrots, beets and cilantro coming up full force in the greenhouse.


I ordered seeds this year from a small company located in Kaslo B.C called Stellar Seeds.  I kept things to the bare minimum, only ordering what I needed (it’s like being a kid in a candy store, looking at seed catalogs). I got some yellow pear tomatoes, red kuri squash, marketmore cucumber, red dragon carrots, sweet granite cantaloupe, and a couple varieties of peas.

I love gardening season! I often wish I lived somewhere with a longer one, ours is SO short (60 or so frost free days).  You really have to get a lot done in a short time to make the most of it.


The first harvest of chives put a smile on my face. Perennials are my favorite; so little work. I have one garden bed that will become a perennial garden bed. So far it has chives, raspberries, strawberries and a perennial onion. I hope to add sheep sorrel this year.

Last year I built a herb spiral that didn’t do too well (turned out to be a shady spot once the leaves come in). I want to either try to move it to another spot or utilize it for something else (lettuce maybe?)

I will post photos of the garden happenings soon but for now I leave you with this; a little delight from my week 🙂


Oh those silly birds. They are so funny to watch….I will miss them.


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