Boredom Leads To…


Raven said to me, “Mommy I am bored, can I go on a website or watch a movie?”

Oh the dreaded electronic usage 😛

I have always limited my children’s usage of media, heck, I limit my own usage of media. I dislike how easy it is, how instant it is. My worry is that it takes away from our ability to be creative, to tackle a project, and to see something through to the end. I feel that when we unplug, it forces us to come up with other things to do, and therefore, we spend our time more wisely. I do let my children use the computer occasionally and we watch movies once and awhile, but generally I try to keep them away from it. (This belief has been shifting as of late – as my children get older and want to use these technologies more often and I realize that a lot of good can be potentially gained from their usage.)

When my daughter asked me to go on the computer this day, I tried to give her some other suggestions of what we could do instead. I knew that if I could get her excited about something, she would forget about her “boredom”. I also knew that me doing something with her and connecting with her would allow her to be more willing to hear my suggestion. If I just told her to go do something else, she may have just gone and sulked or more likely, she would have resisted.

I told her about Christopher trying to climb on some logs that were laying in the yard. Then I said, “Maybe we could build something for Chris to play on?”  I got excited about it, and she got excited about it.

We decided to make some “little boy” play structures for him by sinking a large log into the ground and burying half a tire.

The kids got totally immersed in it it right away. I love how intensely they can focus and how they will put their all into something they feel good about.



We got out the tree planting shovels (best gardening shovels ever!) and the paddles -wait a minute- paddles??? (yeah we couldn’t find the bigger shovels) and got to it.  We worked hard digging holes and making a space for the log and tire to go, then we worked hard filling those holes back in.





It was jolly work and in the end, we had created something tangible. The girls were proud of themselves.

Our actions had created something.

I was happy that I was able to inspire this action in them 🙂


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