Coming Home (Mission C-Papa Part 8)

IMGP0279Papa is done work for now, so we pack up our belongings, try to cram everything in the van (good thing I took out that extra seat before we left), and set out for home.

On the drive I played with my new camera, learning the ins and outs of all the buttons. I really wanted to capture some of the beautiful scenery I missed out on when we came down but I was on the wrong side of the vehicle! The mountains, waterfalls and river were mostly on Paul’s side of the van. I did manage to capture some nice images regardless.

IMGP0293We stopped in Nanaimo to spend a night with friends.

IMGP0295The girls got a new camera as well….my old camera…..they were pleased.

IMGP0321Heading through Vancouver.

IMGP0323Always construction happening.

IMGP0343The city of Hope.

IMGP0327Misty hills.

IMGP0337A waterfall!

IMGP0354There are 7 tunnels to go through.




IMGP0425Retro setting on my camera…pretty funky.


IMGP0245IMGP0250More retro…oooo fun.

IMGP0491Fun in the back.

IMGP0462Can you see the rainbow?

It was a good trip.

I got a new-to-me camera, we got to reacquaint with old friends, see the ocean and enjoy the climate of somewhere in bloom.

We had the wonder of being somewhere new, seeing new sites, and experiencing new things.

But its good to be home.


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