Clayworks Cafe and Gallery (Mission C-Papa Part 6)






DSC00660A rainy day coaxed us inward to a little cafe & pottery gallery. We had snacks, the kids played with toys and Mama drooled over the pottery, envisioning what a delight it would be to have my kitchen.

The light was dim, so I bumped up the ISO on my not-so-great point and shoot to capture some of the work that caught my eye.





The next door building contained a studio. It was closed, but we peeped in the window. It was chock full of everything you need to get potting – oh wouldn’t it be fun to be a part of the creativity that gets unleashed in there!

Potting is surely a craft I would get my hands dirty for, the dishes created are so sturdy and heavy and warm, they radiate the time and human energy infused in them.  I have a few potted mugs at home and I adore using them, they are what I reach for when I drink my coffee or have a cup of water, I feel nourished using them.

We so need a studio/gallery/cafe where I live!


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