Almost There (Mission C-Papa Part 4)

 After spending a night in Vancouver with family we headed to the Island. The girls were excited to ride the ferry over to Nanaimo, traveling across the ocean is pretty novel. This, however is not what excited them the most, what excited them the most was the potential playground inside the boat, a slide inside a ship? Now that sounds like fun. Looking out at the water? Not quite as fun sounding.

We arrived at the ferry landing a half hour early, so we went over the wall to the village of Horseshoe Bay. Mama needed a coffee and the kids needed needed to see the ocean. Photos were snapped, sand was felt, and a little stream was found. Oh the wonder it is to be a child, seeing all these things for the first time.DSC00430




The weather was chilly and sprinkling, but it was nice to see the waves and the seaweed.

At 10:15 am, we were back in the van and ready to load onto the ferry.


The Ocean!! Mama was excited 🙂


at last…THE SLIDE!!!! Not quite as grand as was hoped, but it was fun, nonetheless.

Christopher fell asleep as soon as we were off the ferry, so straight to Campbell River we drove. He got to have a much needed nap ( longer then 1/2 an hour!)

We pit stopped in Campbell River for gas and some groceries from a wonderful health food store (called Healthy Way). It was so cold and windy that day….brrr….I barely wanted to step out of the van.




Next up, a drive to Gold River! We are almost there, just another hour and a bit until we get to see our favorite man in the world!

Papa Bear here we come!


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