To the Island (Mission C-Papa Part 3)

During the night as we slept in 100 Mile House, the snow came, not much snow, but enough that I wanted to wait for it to melt before we headed out again. The plan to leave early in the morning was thwarted and we anxiously awaited the sun to melt the 2 or so inches of snow that lay on the ground. Our drive would take us up in elevation to the town of Clinton, and the roads can be slippery, so waiting seemed the best option. I didn’t have snow tires on and didn’t want to chance driving in slush.

It was almost noon by the time I felt safe enough to leave (maybe I was a bit over-cautious…but heh, that’s just me). We had 6 hours of driving time ahead of us just to reach Vancouver, then it was a 2 hour ride on the ferry over to Nanaimo. This was gonna be tough. I promised myself that I would not rush, that I would take my time. This trip is supposed to be fun, and relaxing, so I stayed composed and patient, and made the best of the delay. I decided that if need be, we could stay in Vancouver for the night with family, so all was good.

The next round of our adventure was a random stop at Spences Bridge, a small community in the Fraser Canyon. We were ready for a break so we crossed a little single lane bridge over to a beach that turned out to be a free campsite! (keeping this in my memory bank for future trips).



We had a visit with the river and the children played in the rocks.


After a break and a snack, we loaded back up, crossed that little bridge back to the highway and headed south. We were about half way through the canyon and still a long way from Vancouver.

The girls took the camera into the back of the van and captured the changing landscape as we drove.




Yay! we made it to Hope! What a pretty town Hope is, we stopped at a lovely park so the kids could burn off some steam.



Look at those huge cedar trees!!


A tranquil zen garden next to the park.

DSC00386The kids had so much fun, that we ended up staying here for an hour and a half! (that is a long stop when you are on a long trip). While we were here, I called our relatives in Vancouver and told them we were coming in for the night. We weren’t going to make it to the ferry terminal in time to catch a ferry to Nanaimo. Luckily, it wasn’t going to be difficult to get into the city and stay at Paul’s Aunts place in East Vancouver, thank goodness for family!

O.K kids! lets hit the road!



Vancouver, here we come!

I unfortunately have no photos of our stay in Vancouver 😦 I found my way pretty well to the house, it was really easy to get there from the freeway, despite having the sun blaring directly in my eyes ( it was sunset and I was heading west). I am darn proud of myself for making it this far!


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