Hobby Farm Inspiration (Mission C-Papa Part 2)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! It is everything I want and more! Animals, gardens, greenhouse, tile floors, masonry heater, big kitchen, lots of space for guests, covered wrap around deck….

Serious mouth drool…..oh goodness.


Our road trip a.k.a “Mission to See Papa” led us to 100 mile house to stay with friends of the family’s.  I adore this family, you couldn’t ask for better company; welcoming, funny, kind, generous, goofy, passionate, ambitious and oh so hospitable.  They are an inspiration to me and what I want to have in my life.  They have built their own home, have a successful garden, preserve their harvests, and butcher their own meat.  They do it all with a sense of pride and accomplishment – and with fun. All these things I  so admire, but most of all, I adore their friendly demeanors, a trait I want to cultivate more of in myself.

When we first got there they gave us a tour of the farm.



DSC00171Bella, the donkey


I love the raised beds with cold frames over them as well as the chicken wire protecting the garlic bulbs from invaders. I would like to build some of these at home, you could make a lid for your bed with chicken wire- like the cold frame lid – to protect your crop from animals. Nice.

Next we went inside.

I must say, the house is gorgeous! Every time I come, more has been done to it – a work in progress – how fun! It has been built by its owners and feels so full of life.


DSC00184Guest room (mine and babes room for the night)

DSC00192The girls picked this room as theirs.

DSC00195Living Room

DSC00198Mason Heater – oh the warmth-



My. Mouth. Is. Watering….

DSC00228Kitchen Heaven.

DSC00218Love the stained glass.


Pretty bathroom, love the tile and the blue-green walls; the lamp is wicked awesome too.

Over a dinner of pasta and home-raised turkey sauce, we talked of raising meat birds, gardening in Northern B.C, heritage varieties of animal and plant, seed keeping, raising children, and so much more. After dinner I enjoyed a lovely drink of their homemade soaked cherry vodka – mmmm it was yummy, the cherries were grown right there in their yard – a variety that does well in our cold climate.

I was inspired by my time here, through them I was reminded of what I want; to be friendly and welcoming, to have a full home and a full life, to be connected to my food, to have my home be a reflection of my family, to build that home with our own hands, these are the important things in life to me, they really truly are. I am thankful that I got to see these dreams in action, it helped solidify why I want what I want and to know that it is possible.

The next day we were heading to Nanaimo to see another family friend. As we layed down our heads we hoped it wouldn’t snow overnight ( I took off my winter tires for this trek down south). We shall see.

Sweet Dreams until the Morrow..


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