On the Road (Mission C-Papa Part 1)

After a needed break, I am back.

I have a little confession to make; a few weeks ago, when I took a blogging break, I actually went on a road trip. By myself. With 3 kids. For you see, my husband is a tree planter, a tree planter who travels for work. This year took him to a little town on Vancouver Island by the name of Gold River (a very interesting place – more on that later). This is the first year he has gone so very far away, and we all missed him terribly. Mama therefore decided that a road trip was in order, a road trip to see our one and only Mr. Dad.

The excitement was so much that the girls packed a week before we left (carefully folding each article of clothing as to make sure it would all fit.). I got everything in order, finished business that needed to be done, made food for the trip, packed the van with suitcases and children, and off we went. Our destination was 1300 km away; we took our time, stopping along the way at  friends and families to rest our heads and sneak in visits. This made the travels ever less stressful on the children as well as Mama, who was the only driver on such a long voyage (makes for a sore back, you know).

The first stop on our adventure – a little city called Quesnel! We pulled to a stop at a footbridge built over the Fraser River (this mighty river follows us all the way down to the coast). DSC00145

The bridge was built in 1928 and is the longest – 831 ft –  wood truss walking bridge in the world!  It is central to the riverfront trail system in Quesnel – which looks like a splendid walk indeed.


The kids enjoyed walking to the end and back, there were pigeons to awe at, and logs floating down the river to watch. Christopher was apprehensive to walk too far alone on this unfamiliar structure so Mommy swooped him up and carried him across- the world is so much safer in Mommy’s arms.


After a bit of a break, we returned to the van and hit the road to our stop for the night, 100 mile house, were we stayed with friends on their quaint 8 acre hobby farm…… oh the inspiration I got there!

You can read about that in the next post 🙂


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