The main thing we do to celebrate the holidays is make themed crafts and spend time with family. We like to keep things simple and avoid getting caught up in the consumerism that surrounds the holidays; also, we are not of any religious faith, so we have no rituals to practice every year. This leaves us to create our own version of the current holiday. We could just not participate at all, but it sort of leaves you feeling excluded from those around you, so we take the middle path by participating but not getting swept away in the commercialization.  This Easter we made eggs on paper with oil pastels painted over with washes of tempera, it was a fun and easy project that all the kids were able to enjoy.



We do not do the easter bunny thing, I do not like lying to my children, even if it is for fun.  I don’t want to encourage the belief in a magical being that comes and brings them stuff, especially stuff made by a giant corporation. I find it hypocritical to say that the easter bunny brings them gifts and candy, while at the same time knowing that there are starving children in the world. I think  know that children are aware of who the real easter bunny is, because children are smart and perceptive, they just play along in fear of having the fun stop. Most years we have an egg hunt for the kids, they know I hide the eggs, and they still have fun.


This year we are having dinner at Grandmas and doing an egg hunt there. I bought some reusable eggs to fill with my own homemade treats. I baked some little chocolate chip cookies and whipped up some cardamom candied hazelnuts to put inside the eggs. I really wanted to avoid buying candy from the store, as most of it contains GMO sugar, corn syrup, and a myriad of other questionable ingredients. I felt good knowing what was going into my children’s bodies.

I hope you all had a wonderful easter!


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