A Quilt for Chistopher


I made my son a quilt when I was pregnant with him. I sure had some serious creative energy at that time – creating within as well as without. This is another upcycled treasure, created with old jeans and corduroy pants for the quilt top and a used sheet for the bottom.


I saved time and effort by tying my quilt rather then sewing over it with my machine. It was so easy and I love the look of it.


It’s heavy and rugged, as well as soft and comfortable. It is only a baby blanket size, so it’s ability to wrap around my son is shrinking by the day. It will be treasured for a long time, however, as we like to do with handmade goodness. I have put it on the back of the couch as a go to lap blanket for those chilly winter mornings;  for we really must find daily uses for those things we put so much love into.

 It reminds me of all the love and nurturing that I felt when my child was forming within me, as well as my attempt to express that love in a tangible form. Seeing it every day allows me to hold onto that feeling, and to remind myself to express it; especially those times when frustration hits or challenges occur. What a wonderful reason to create something and to cherish it, these things we make with our hands really do carry the energy that we put into them. I am grateful that I have the ability to create these things because store-bought stuff just doesn’t compare.


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