Mama Made a Knit Hoodie


My first knitted sweater ever! SO EXCITED! Actually this is my first knitted clothing project, I have only ever knit hats and I made very simple legwarmers once. Experience was gained with this endeavor; I feel much more confident to create a sweater for myself one day!

It is made with bernat handicrafter cotton in brown and green. I followed this pattern. I used wooden buttons of course – gotta keep it natural.


I started this sweater when Christopher was 6 months old. I knit the 18 month size, to give myself ample time to finish without feeling rushed. He is 15 months now and the sweater is done. It is still a little big, but he will wear it – I must get as much wear out of this as possible, so we roll up the sleeves and put it on.


Its so worth it to knit for babies, it gives you experience without all the time of making a larger garment. You also don’t need as much yarn, making it more affordable. Of course, the best part of all is seeing your precious children wearing something their mama made.  What a joy it is.


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