Waldorf Making


Picking seedy bits out of wool. is. tedious. But so very worth it.



Wool is such a lovely stuffing for a doll, it  feels so cozy and full of love. You know that it came from an animal who had a great life, living as sheep live. You know that it was free to roam and play, to frolic and explore, you know this because the wool had bits of grass, and seeds, and hay in it. The wool I used came from a local source; my mother-in-law found it for her own Waldorf creations, and was generous enough to gift me with some.


The coming together of a doll is a wonderful experience. You see it take shape, watch it develop its “personality” as it turns from pieces of cloth and bits of wool into a human form.


When all the pieces have been sewn together, the face is created. Now it really is starting to take on a life of its own.


What color to make the eyes and hair? Brown, just like my daughter Grace, who will call this doll her own.


After working little bits at a time in between taking care of kids and home, it is finished! This is my first time making a Waldorf doll from a pattern, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I still need to make her a  dress and pinafore, but until then, she will be wearing this one from the thrift store. She needs a green dress, Grace has informed me. Yes, darling, a green dress she shall have.



Her name is Laura.  Welcome to the family Laura.


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