Upcycled Doll Clothes

DSC09600A Waldorf doll made by Grandma. A doll’s dress made by me. (upcycled from a mens dress shirt.)


A pinafore upcycled from a lovely blue but lonesome curtain panel.


And a jacket upcycled from a jacket. Patterns are from this book, which I love!

I adore using stale clothes and creating something wonderful; with fashions changing so quickly, there are heaps of clothing that people in this society just won’t wear. These are the perfect items for re-purposing. It keeps them out of the landfill and a lot of it is perfectly good material, the only issue is finding things that have enough fabric for you to cut out and use. I tend to stick to large and extra large clothing, as you get the most usable fabric that way. Doll clothes are a fabulous use for these small amounts of textile, and they bring such a joy to my daughters. ( I think the dolls must enjoy them as well, look at that smile on Lucy’s face. )


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