A Cuddly Bunny


A cuddle bunny for my son. I made this when he was 4 months old as a cuddly for him to sleep with. He and I slept together from birth and my plan was that he would sleep on his own in a crib at about 6 months – try as I might, this plan just did not work. This little boy wants his mama, and nothing else will do. So he still sleeps with me, which I do not mind, at least for now. I try to savor those moments as much as I can, because they really do go by so very quickly and before you know it, they are out of your bed and into their own. The sleepless nights feel like forever when you are living them, but when you look back, they are only a mere blink of time. I want to give my son as much love and cuddling as I can; I want to fill his cup right up, until it is overflowing. He reciprocates by giving me loves and cuddles through the night and sloppy kisses in the morning – and oh, what a treasure trove of memories these days will be.


O.K, more about the bunny….This is  my own design, based on a Peppa bonding doll I have seen online. I made it out of a square of diaper fleece and stuffed it’s head and paws with wool.


I added a little heart to its chest stuffed with a bit of wool. I use it as a spot for drops of essential oils; lavender for calming or if there is a stuffy nose to be reckoned with, a little eucalyptus oil.


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