Bedroom # 3 Remodel

It has taken awhile to get the time to give this bedroom a much needed face lift. We lived in this house for 2 years before we got around to it. Here it is when we moved in. The trim was half painted, the floor was scratched, there was still carpet strip along the walls, there were no plug in covers and the light fixture was missing.


My brother had this room for those first 2 years, luckily he didn’t mind the unfinished look.


I was recently able to do some prettying up in this room when one of  my brothers moved out, leaving an empty room that I could turn into Christopher’s future sleeping space.  I decided to do a paper bag floor and to paint the walls blue.  If you have never heard of a paper bag floor, I suggest you Google it. What a fun, cheap way to get a wonderful looking floor; my only advice would be to be careful moving things around on this floor, it scratches easily.




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