Bedroom # 2 Remodel

When we moved in the bedroom looked like this:


I pulled out the carpet, put in my first paper bag floor (so much fun!) I bought brown mailing paper from the local hardware store, thinking it would be enough – it wasn’t. There was no more at the hardware store so I went to the post office and got some there. I figured that the color would be the same – it wasn’t. I then decided I would use multiple colors, so I bought kraft paper from our local stationary store and I used some paper bags I had collected. I think the result is lovely.


As for the paint, I created the color myself! I mixed up some leftover beige from my craft room and some leftover blue from the girls room, added some sap green from my acrylic paint collection and voilà! I had a nice light sage green. I got Home Hardware to do a color match so I would have enough to do the whole room. It was hard to get a decent photo of the color.


My littlest broski has moved into this room so that bedroom # 3 can become Christopher’s future bedroom.


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