A Toy for Baby Hands


I made this toy for Christopher when he was three months old and just starting to handle things. He needed something to grasp, something to hold – but most importantly, something made with love. The creative cogs in my mind started turning; Mommy gets to create! YES! I wanted something for his tiny hands that was soft and easy to grab, and loving the look of Waldorf dolls, I created this little friend for my baby. There were some old tights that the girls had grown out of that were perfect for the head shape, an old t-shirt became the skin and a hemp pants were transformed into a dress and hat.  It was a fast and easy project- exactly what I needed with a newborn to tend to. I got to create something hand made for my baby and got some much needed creativity time for myself- who says you can’t have it all??


This doll doesn’t get much use nowadays, but I will keep it as a wonderful reminder of my sons hands grasping for something to hold, and me creating just that little thing.



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