Our Main Space

You can see the beginning of our house adventure here.

This is the main space of our home, where we spend most of our time. The kitchen and living room are next to each other, separated only by a dividing wall. I had grand plans of painting that wall a funky color. I love colorful rooms; in our last house I painted the living room walls orange. I loved it; what a warm glow it created. In this house, however, I am thinking ahead to selling, so I want to stick to more neutral colors. The dividing wall, on the other hand, could be painted a wild color because it would be such an easy change if someone did not like it. So red was chosen for this wall. The living room and hallway were painted a light beige and the kitchen was painted a beige just a shade darker.

2010 Dec 449

2010 Dec 375

Over time, I liked the red less and less. I disliked the way it looked with the reddish-maroon carpet. The wall was repainted dark brown.


As you can see, we also got a new table! Much better for a family of 6! We also replaced the broken light above the table. I like the brown much better, it goes with the neutrality of everything else.


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