The Girl’s Room

The evolution of a room happens in little steps. Things get moved around, rearranged, until everything finds its place. Then things get moved out, walls get painted, closets get built, things get moved in again. You feel as if, finally, you are done; the room is finished – until you realize that new flooring is still needed…..

This is the Girl’s room. Step by Step.

It went from this:


To this: (we painted the floor purple!)


Things get shifted and moved to this:


Walls were then painted blue and a closet was built with a little loft-like space built on top:


More shifting, moving books into the space above the closet to make a little library; curtains are made out of a sheet, it is almost done. Well, done for now, until we can get some flooring in there.


Now if we can just keep it clean……



AHHHH thats better…


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