This House

When we bought our house it was in quite a rough shape; we got it for cheap because it was a bank repossession and had been inhabited by some not so responsible people. There were holes in the walls, all the carpeting had been ripped out or was stained, there was no heat source – basically it needed some TLC.  The structure was great and most of the problems were purely aesthetic, so we figured we would go for it and try to turn this house into a home; so far so good. Living here for the last 3 years has been wonderful, it suits our family just fine for now and it has given us a project to undertake.

Here are some photos of the house when we first got the keys:

DSC02616 This is one of the bedrooms that is now the girls’ room

DSC02615Another bedroom

DSC02614The downstairs bathroom

DSC02611the kitchen


DSC02606The living room during woodstove installation

DSC02607The dividing wall between the kitchen and living room

DSC02620the last of the 3 downstairs bedrooms

DSC02626The stairs

DSC02630The upstairs/master bedroom

DSC02637Other side of the upstairs/master bedroom

DSC02633The master bathroom

There was a lot of work to be done. I will post about the changes we have made at another time.


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