The Living Room



My living room is clean! But only for 5 minutes….ahem…

So yes, my living room is clean. I needed to take some pictures just to remind myself that it does spend a few moments a day in a state of order. We tend to forget sometimes, as mothers, that our efforts really accomplish anything. We clean and a few moments later, it is messy again. All is not in vain, however, for if we really didn’t do any cleaning, there would be a mountain of filth to live with, and not just a molehill.

I tend to avoid cleaning all day long as I have many other things I would rather do, and like my mother-in-law wisely put it, “the children won’t remember how clean the house was, but they will remember how much time you spent with them.” – so very true.

I have a certain level of cleanliness I require for sanity, but I have learned to let some of that go. My house is not supposed to look like a magazine photo shoot, it is a lived in, breathed in space. All that mess is a reflection of what we do as a family. Crafting, reading, creating, learning; these things are so much more important then a picture perfect interior.

And on a side note; if you put on some tunes and make it fun, everyone tends to enjoy the cleaning process so much more.


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