Merry making





I love wooden toys; if my children would let me, I would get rid of every single plastic toy in our house and replace them with wooden toys. They just feel sooooo natural. I especially love wooden toys created by talented craftspeople; none of that factory produced stuff for this lady. Buying toys from places like would be wonderful but at this point it just isn’t in our budget.

I wanted some wooden figures for Graces birthday, so being the creative people we are (my hubby and I), we were able to fashion some cute little characters with some make-shift materials(make use of what you have available).

We used some pine boards we had left over from redoing our fence and Paul managed to cut out the shapes with a jigsaw. I used black ink for the details and watercolor paints for some color. I then sealed them up with a beeswax/mineral oil blend I bought at the hardware store- the only thing I purchased for the whole project. All in all, i think they turned out well; next time I would like to use a wood burner for the outlines and a scroll saw to cut out the shapes, but first, I need to purchase a wood burner and scroll saw….. all in good time. Looks like I may have another hobby…….


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